Val Tvoar - In light you believe ... but in darkness you dwell

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MuusikuMooduli(MM) märgiga tähistatud toodete hinnad on määratud muusiku enda poolt. Siit sooritatud ostu eest saab muusik oma loomingu eest parima hinna.
Barcode: 4740447313481
Plaadifirma: Heliaed Records
Välja antud: 0001-11-16
Ühikuid: 1
Pikkus 44:25
Artist Val Tvoar


Val Tvoar, that stonerish metal head, Estonian guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and founder of Soul Thrower (dark rock / metal) is back with his new solo LP entitled "In Light You Believe ... but in Darkness You Dwell". Val’s guitar performances are consistently, absolutely on fire - his bluesy solo style, inspired by his rock experiences in L.A. and backed by his formal classical training, vibrates in a perfect balance with his strong vocals.

Throughout the album, on both the Light and Dark side, those Kyuss, Mastodon and occasional Fu Manchu influences come shining through, with radio-friendly 4/4 progressions that are approachable, yet inventive and edgy. This new release, like last year’s (2015) excellent stoner-grunge-punk EP Into The Unknown (which are bonus tracks on the CD), features Val Tvoar on all instruments and vocals, and once again leverages RoundSound Studio for its expert handling and production.

The album cover is just as entertaining. It depicts a wizard-god with powers from on high. He’s swallowed all the problems of humanity - all the diseases and the sorrows - so that they can have a better life... But then he sees that it's pointless and vomits it all back out. Val is not without a sense of humor! Also on the cover, you can see a little piece of his home town Tallinn, the Estonian capital. You can see the old city towers, and a viking boat sailing on the North Sea, surrounded by the dark grey skies whose bleak ambience can last for months on end, like one long, endless night. Almost everything in nature seems to be asleep, with only the crows showing signs of life. All the music and lyrics; all the instruments as well as vocals; produced by Val Tvoar Recorded, mixed and mastered by Keijo Koppel at Round Sound Studios, Tallinn, Estonia Album cover Maik Grüner, bandphoto by Merje Merdik
2016 Heliaed Records. All Rights Reserved

Lood [CD0]

  1. Mental of instru 01:54
  2. The wizard named GoodBad 03:45
  3. There's no tomorrow 02:34
  4. Mind reader, the shadow 03:35
  5. The last dance 04:10
  6. I am you 03:18
  7. Three showels of dirt 02:44
  8. The night when everything went wrong and you shot me down 03:43
  9. Dark side of mine 03:45
  10. REbornCYCLE 03:20
  11. Into the unknown 03:20
  12. The best of you 02:26
  13. If I will be yours, will you be mine 02:53
  14. Home city 02:58
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