Legrand, Michel - I LOVE PARIS / BONJOUR PA

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Barcode: 8719039003860
Plaadifirma: Vinyl Passion
Välja antud: 2018-07-27
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Artist Legrand, Michel


Michel Legrand’s first “homage” to the “capital city” was 'I Love Paris' of 1954 which became a
best-selling LP in the U.S. and started the vogue for albums of continental music. It is a musical
picture of Paris in the fifties. Legrand blends 16 songs (LP-1) together into a sort of suite,
beginning with church bells chiming in the square, then taking off on a musical journey around
the city. His orchestra is in fine form as they work through a mix of French favorites, like Edith
Piaf’s 'La Vie En Rose'. The real highlights come when Legrand turns postmodern (at such an
early date) with “cut-up” renditions of 'The Poor People of Paris'. Michel Legrand has made his
fame from writing for films, but he has done significant work in Jazz on an occasional basis.

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