Andres Roots - Winter

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Barcode: 6417138644848
Plaadifirma: Roots Art
Välja antud: 2016-11-18
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Artist Andres Roots


"Winter" is Estonian slide guitarist Andres Roots' first full-length studio CD since 2013 "Three!" and features an international array of guest vocalists: Bert Deivert, Howard Fishman and James Dalton from the USA, Richard Townend, Steve Lury and Louie Digman from the UK, Ismo Haavisto from Finland, Lorete Medne from Latvia, and Mikk Tammepõld from Estonia. Latvian tuba-player Edgars Galzons and Estonian drummers Raul Terep and Andres Mikk and bassist Peeter Piik complete the studio line-up.

Four years in the making, "Winter" includes "Solitaire" and "Someplace Nice" – two numbers that appeared on Roots' chart-topping vinyl compilation "Roots Music" earlier this year, but have never been available on a CD album. With "Morganfield Blues" a tribute to Muddy Waters and "Alligator Blues" a tip of the hat to Motörhead's Lemmy and Philthy, the material ranges from delta blues to roots rock, the sound from resonator guitar to vintage fuzz.

1. Karlova Blues
2. Winter Blues
3. Thanks For Bringing Me Down
4. Tea For Alex
5. All In The Cards
6. Morganfield Blues
7. Get Me Back
8. Spider In My Bed
9. Spanish Run
10. Solitaire
11. Someplace Nice
12. Alligator Blues
13. Silver Lining

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